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The Writing Life

Welcome. I write because I it's part of who I have been created to be. I share it because it is what I feel I need to do. It's all grounded in a life of prayer. Explore the site. I hope you are blessed with the site. I would love feedback. Contact me.

Writing and Crystal

The Writing Life began early as soon as pen, paper, crayons and words could mix together for meaning in my world. I created a book about seasons,first, and have never stopped writing.

My philosophy is that Life is one big story between the individual and our Creator. We are creative beings and each desire to express the story He is making with us. For me, I express my story with words whether through writing, music or doodling. Others use dance, athletics, science, education, and many other ways they can create.

Bottom line, life is a story, what is the Creator saying with yours?